The last few Months I haven’t been able to post any new material here, but don’t worry I haven’t been slacking off.

Most of my energy has been poured into my research regarding Navigation Meshes, and I’m happy to announce that I have completed this work. This research project has also led me to graduate from Utrecht University Cum Laude. Since January 15th 2015 I am officially a Master of Science :D.

While I was working on that I have also been job hunting, and last Oktober started at the company SilverFit. Here I use the Kinect Camera to help elderly people rehabilitate by means of computer-aided physical exercises.

I hope that, once the dust has settled, I will be able to start producing content for this blog again. I have been working on some cool things with Roslyn that I would like to show you all.

Meawhile you can have a look at my Navigation Mesh Research