Fifty-five months ago I thought I had a brilliant idea for XNA’s ContentManager so I opened a blog on A few hours later my thoughts of brilliance were shattered when someone told me the improvements I made were already there (hidden from view). Anyway I decided to continue writing tutorials and technical articles. A few years later I moved the entire blog to where it is now. Today I was studying for a course on statistical pattern recognition. This got me thinking. Except for sometimes tallying up all the views I hadn’t done any analysis of the total impact on the internet I made. Of course it’s just a drop in the ocean, but I’m pretty pleased. The statistics:

Total views: 259.587, which averages nearly 5000 a month, in this month I expect over 6000 views

Total comments: 435, nearly 8 a month (OK that is not too much, but as a tutorial site most people just hit and run!)

Total posts: 120 (including this one), averaging  a bit over 2 a month. Currently I aim at one post per month but some months its hard to keep up!

Income from adds and donations: E 70,- (A long time ago I removed the donation button and the adds)

Total video views: 22.289, or 4397 minutes

Awards won: 1 (2nd place in the SgtConker XNA Tutorial contest)

Offers to write a book received: 2 (Not kidding, publishers approached me to write introductory books about XNA 4, unfortunately I didn’t had the time to write one, and I’m not 100% sure I’m qualified enough)