As you might know I once wrote an A* sample for C# more than 2 years ago. The first version worked but was very slow because of a bug. The second version was faster, and a third version (made by one of the readers of this blog) was even faster.

Btw did you know that the excellent game Dysomnia shipped with (a modified) version of my C#/A* code? Ok it’s just a few lines to get people started but it’s really cool to see how people use this little start for their cool projects!

Anyway, back on topic: during my internship at Nixxes an interested co-worker (thanks Marcel!) tweaked the heuristic, removed some unnecessary checks, and added a faster way to check if a tile was processed yet.

There is not much else to say, it’s still A*, it supports 2D and 3D, it uses a MinHeap and is faster than ever! (Note: this is a pure C# solution, so it doesn’t require XNA, but it will work nicely with XNA even on WP7 and the Xbox360).

Download the latest version here

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