For some prototyping I needed a struct like VertexPositionColor, but I also needed a normal, after a minute of Googling I found out that nobody wrote a small (XNA4) compatible snippet) for this. So here I give you my own snippet. (Which also is a handy reference to see how the ‘new’ IVertexType interface in XNA4 works (yes I still think of XNA4 as new).

Anyway the source code:

    public struct VertexPositionColorNormal : IVertexType
        public Vector3 Position;
        public Color Color;
        public Vector3 Normal;

        public VertexPositionColorNormal(Vector3 position, Color color, Vector3 normal)
            this.Position = position;
            this.Color = color;
            this.Normal = normal;                        
        public static readonly VertexElement[] VertexElements =
            new VertexElement(0, VertexElementFormat.Vector3, VertexElementUsage.Position, 0),
            new VertexElement(sizeof(float)*3, VertexElementFormat.Color, VertexElementUsage.Color, 0),
            new VertexElement(sizeof(float)*4, VertexElementFormat.Vector3, VertexElementUsage.Normal, 0) 
        public static readonly VertexDeclaration vertexDeclaration = new VertexDeclaration(VertexElements);
        public VertexDeclaration VertexDeclaration
           get { return vertexDeclaration; }