Re: Writing a book ????

Some of you might look a but strange at the title, it is the exact same title as TheZman’s latest blog post.

His post got me to think again about a project I’d like to start on *(Oh god, this makes me think of the oh so many projects that I want to start on!). Writing a book? It takes quite a lot of courage and determination to write a good technical book. Hell I know that I haven’t yet acquired the technical skills for it. (Maybe I haven’t even mastered English  enough yet). So obviously I’m not think about writing a technical book.

However I would like to write a book for people who are not into (game-) programming or maybe even games in general. I would like to introduce readers to a kind of ‘ambiance’ that gives us developers such a comfortable feeling when developing for games. I would like to tell people how difficult game programming is, what games really are (in my opinion that is). And what some games with attention to detail, and attention to the real world, can bring to people.

Hell it would be a book worthy of a game-evangely. Of course there should be added technical parts, but the book I’d like to write would also contain parts that you could take a good sit for and read for pleasure.

This however brings me to how to actually release a book. Of course I could just put it up here as a pdf and be done with it, but that’s not really what I had in mind. Publishing a game, getting your name on there somewhere is also something that could thrive me into making a  book.

Oh well, first back to spell and style checking my blog posts I guess. But maybe I could do a small primer someday, say 50 pages, and see what people think. (And count the number of mistakes, to see how long it would take to correct a full book…).

Jun 2010

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