Big website renovation coming up!

So this website is starting to feel really dated, the shades of gray are from another era. The text is too wide when seen on a high-resolution wide screen displays and there is way too much clutter. Tag clouds, donate buttons, stack overflow profiles, adds, recent comments etc.. etc… Unfortunately I’m a terrible designer, a hoarder of features, and I can’t tell if two colours complement or conflict. But luckily my ‘little’ brother is the exact opposite. He has his own design company called Label 90 and has agreed to give the website a nice make-over. To not make his job too difficult he asked me to pick a theme that I licked (In the end I choose this one) and started from there. With nothing more than the starting theme and a few screenshots from stuff I liked he created something quite wonderful.

In the next few days I will (finish) converting the website to the new theme. As a reference here is an image of how the website looked the last four years (from August 2008 till August 2012).


Sep 2012


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