About Me

At the age of 14 I started programming in PowerPoint’s VBScript environment, quickly after that I switched to Visual Basic 6 learning basic programming skills. A few years later I applied these skill to write my first ‘database’ application for the Salida youth crisis relief center. The application used VB6 and flat files on an FTP server to mimic a real database. Around the same time I wrote my first game, a two player top-down shooter. A year later I rewrote the database application in C#, now using a real database (MySQL) which allowed users to really work together. This application is still used daily by approximately 20 people at Stichting Cardan.

Since 2008 I started focusing on games. In 2008 I discovered Microsoft’s XNA framework (a managed DirectX wrapper for PC, Xbox and Windows Phone). Since then I’ve been an active member of the XNA community. While I was learning the framework and general game development techniques I started keeping a blog. At this blog I periodically post tutorials and code snippets. I also wrote a few tutorials for popular XNA sites like www.ziggyware.com (now defunct) and www.sgtconker.com (renamed to MadGameDev). With these tutorials I won a couple of prizes.

In 2010 I met a few game designers and artists working on the game Hollandia (www.hollandiagame.com). They had just won a Dutch Game Award but their programmer was unable to continue working on the game engine, which caused the project to stall. I rewrote most of their engine and coupled it to an existing physics framework. Around the same time I worked with a 15 man strong team on an extensive web shop project for Q-Free. We developed a process that automatically pulled new releases from source control, and made them available in their web shop.

In 2011 I interned at Nixxes Software, a studio developing technology for high profile games like Deus Ex : Human Revolution. During my internship I wrote tools for Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming Tomb Raider reboot.

While finishing up my Bsc. in Computing Science I worked at Science LinX (2009-2012) where I grew from a system administrator to serious game developer with a diverse set of responsibilities, from building exhibits to managing projects.

In 2013 and 2014 I studied at Utrecht University while also performing an internship at Abbey Games.

In 2015 I received my master’s degree. I graduated with honors from the Game and Media Technology track of Utrecht University.

Currently I work at SilverFit where we use 3D camera’s (such as the Kinect 2) to make physical therapy for the elderly both more fun and more effective.

You can download my resume here and you can contact me via email at roy-t@hotmail.com.

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