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So a friend of mine, let’s call him Red, has been bugging me to create a Let’s Play series together. Two weeks ago we finally decided on a game. The very mediocre shooter ‘Darkest of Days’ (though it really has some potential). The first two episodes are up, and we’re trying to keep a schedule where we upload a video every Thursday and Sunday. As this is our very first youtube series we had no idea how to do a lot of things. For example we wished we started with a game that’s more fun :P! Anyway let us know what you think of it, and please subscribe to stay up to date!

Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrFTsO-Z-gKRvdvD1Eb0y9w

Episode 1

Episode 2

Can you guess which voice is mine 😉

Jul 2013

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  1. Petra says:

    I was actually pretty confused which voice was from whom XD. But nice work, I hope to see a lot more of this!

  2. jeffdr says:

    Oh man, Darkest of Days. It wasn’t that long ago – just 2009 – but it already feels like ages.

    I was one of the lead programmers on this game, I wrote the rendering and character AI, among other things in the engine.

    When someone reviews a bad game like DoD, they often ask various forms of “what were the developers thinking?”. Well I can tell you – we were thinking “this game sucks and I wish we had time and manpower to fix it”. Creative direction was extremely poor, but that didn’t even matter because we were understaffed, and for many of us it was our first game (and in management’s case, their first non-slot machine game). We all put in a lot of time and wanted it to be a great game, but it just isn’t.

    Any list of faults you can find in this game, any of us could draw up a list 10x longer. Believe me, **we know**!

    Anyway I’m glad you guys had some fun in your play through. We’ve all long since moved on to other things but I still have a certain fondness for this game. Maybe I’ll pull it up on steam and play it some this weekend.


    – a former monkey

  3. Hey Jeffdr,

    So cool to hear from a fromer dev on DoD. As you can see I’m a developer as well so I can totally relate to your experiences. Where do you work nowdays? We did genuinely have some fun with the game, though me more than my friend (but hey I also enjoyed the game Damnation, and believe me, that one is worse!)

  4. jeffdr says:

    Hi Roy,

    Right now I’m working at a small business that does realtime rendering technology (for games and art) – Marmoset (www.marmoset.co). A number of us former 8monkeys now work here.

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