55 months of blogging: some statistics

Fifty-five months ago I thought I had a brilliant idea for XNA’s ContentManager so I opened a blog on www.wordpress.com. A few hours later my thoughts of brilliance were shattered when someone told me the improvements I made were already there (hidden from view). Anyway I decided to continue writing tutorials and technical articles. A few years later I moved the entire blog to http://roy-t.nl where it is now. Today I was studying for a course on statistical pattern recognition. This got me thinking. Except for sometimes tallying up all the views I hadn’t done any analysis of the total impact on the internet I made. Of course it’s just a drop in the ocean, but I’m pretty pleased. The statistics:

Total views: 259.587, which averages nearly 5000 a month, in this month I expect over 6000 views

Total comments: 435, nearly 8 a month (OK that is not too much, but as a tutorial site most people just hit and run!)

Total posts: 120 (including this one), averaging  a bit over 2 a month. Currently I aim at one post per month but some months its hard to keep up!

Income from adds and donations: E 70,- (A long time ago I removed the donation button and the adds)

Total video views: 22.289, or 4397 minutes

Awards won: 1 (2nd place in the SgtConker XNA Tutorial contest)

Offers to write a book received: 2 (Not kidding, publishers approached me to write introductory books about XNA 4, unfortunately I didn’t had the time to write one, and I’m not 100% sure I’m qualified enough)



4 Responses to “55 months of blogging: some statistics”

  1. ZMan says:

    If it was Packt that approached you then you should know that they spammed pretty much anybody who has ever heard of XNA… they also have some questionable business practises (email me if you want to know more).

    Personally I think you are more qualified than many folk who did accept such an offer. It amazes me that book publishers care little for qualifications and more about simple delivery of something… (I also have storeis here not for public consumption!)

  2. Damn, it was Packt indeed I’d love to hear those stories!

  3. Petra says:

    Geez, congrats, popular guy 😉

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