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Another update, though new videos have been lacking (mostly engine work is to blame) we’re feeling very confident about our progress. Game ideas are starting to take shape and we’ve been able to tackle some interesting mathematical problems (generating a world of hexes is more involved than I personally thought).

What you can see in this video

- A new visual style for our world map

- More cool art assets

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We’ve been mostly working on internals but Jaap has started making some art assets to spice up the game. Everything feels a lot better when you don’t look at cubes with letters on them, created in paint :) .

What you can see in this video

- Art assets

- Building of buildings

- Manufacturing

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And some more progress! Most notably:

- Organized troop movement

- Economy (hard to see in the video)

- Some terrain blending (although we’re probably going to change that again)

Enjoy the new video!


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Because of the holiday season the progress on our prototype has been slow but to make good on our new years resolution of ‘finish the game this year’ we’re going to ramp the coding (and updates) up.

Anyway here is a new video that better shows why the prototype is called ‘Logistics’. Carts automatically travel from small buildings that produce intermediate goods to factories that need these goods to produce end products.

You can also see

- The new menu system (excuse the programmer art)

- Better input management

- Automatic resolution of supply/demand and Just-in-Time courier services.

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And here is our second video. A couple of features have been added

- Better programmer art

- Backgrounds

- Troop path finding

- Zoom to cursor (or as we like to call it ‘supreme commander zoom’)

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Every game starts with a prototype, it might not look like much but it gives us insight in which game mechanics work and which ones do not and it warns us of any technical hurdles we might have to tackle. See below our very first prototype video for the game Logistics (working title) an original take on the MOBA/tower-defense genre. It might not look like much right now but aren’t you as curious as us to what kind of game this will evolve in in the following months?





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Welcome at the website of an upcoming game development studio by Jaap Oosterbroek and Roy Triesscheijn.

The name Binary Pulsar Studios was chosen after an extremely short brain storming sessions. We’re both fascinated by space and one of the most fascinating things in space is a pulsar so we decided that it had to be part of our studio’s name. Soon we thought of adding binary as well because of the link to computers and the fact that we’re a two people studio at the moment.

So what kind of games are we working on? We have big plans for a 2D space building and exploration game that Jaap has already been working on for almost two years, however before continuing to work on that we’re going to make a smaller game which could be described as MOBA/tower-defense game with a twist. For now we will refer to this game under its working title ‘Logistics’.

On this blog you can expect semi-regular development updates, where we flesh out our game concepts and show of as much footage as we can as early as we can so that other people can learn from it as well.


Binary Pulsar Studios

(featured image is an artist’s impression of binary pulsar PSR J0737-3039, Credit: Michael Kramer (Jodrell Bank Observatory, University of Manchester)

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